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One of the largest producers of industrial radiators in the world, Bearward Engineering Ltd manufacture over 35,000 radiators a year and have a turnover of around £50m.

Newly automated premises, decades of experience and heavy investment in technology make Bearward a world expert in the market.

Founded in 1958, this privately owned company has occupied serveral premises in Northampton since formation - one of these being in Bearward Street, the site of the bear baiting pits in the middle ages and from which the company derives its name. The company is now based on a 40,000 square metre site at Main Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, England.

Bearward are a major supplier to the world generating set market. They are also a significant supplier of radiators for pumping and construction equipment, off highway, and other specialist equipment.

With requirements for smaller but more effiecient radiators and the increasing demands to reduce noise and emissions pollution, Bearward's emphasis on innovation and technical expertise confirms its position as market leader.

Prime power radiato in the field

Bearward factory staff in factory.

Bearward manufacture a range of radiators to cool engines from 50 KW to 3 MW including conventional jacker water radiators and water/charge-air configurations.

Applications and installations are many and varied from engine mounted, to power modules, and purpose designed low airflow, high pressure reserve units for high acoustic applications.

Bearward have a customer base covering the main manufacturers in the power generation and construction market including Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, and Mitsubishi.

A new range of sectional radiators provides customers with the most advanced range of cost effective radiators, backed by Bearward's worldwide and immediate after sales support.

"Bearward's mission is to ensure that through a process of continual improvement and reduction of lifetime costs we become the manufacturer of choice for Industrial Engine Cooling Systems."